jumping the gun

Michael Breedlove


The Voice

Michael Breedlove is a highly sought-after vocalist and musician who has long been a mainstay at venues all over Mississippi, Florida, and Tennessee. Michael has over fifteen years experience in performance art and knows how to keep an audience engaged and entertained. Known for his powerful vocals and dynamic showmanship, Michael brings the soul to JTG.


With every second you live in the past, you miss a lifetime in front of you.
— M.B.

Luke Mosley

Never let fear guide your heart.
— L.M.

 The melody

Luke Mosley has loved playing music since he was just seven years old, plucking away at his mother’s old piano. Luke has been happily married to his wife, Shennia, since 2009 and enjoys being a dad to his kids, Colton and Corbin, and (of course) his German shepherd, Zeus. Music is his passion, and he’s known for his melodic and evocative guitar solos. He is the group’s most knowledgeable and intellectual musician. He brings the solid foundation to JTG.

Jon Armstrong


The Rhythm

Jon Armstrong is an English teacher at Itawamba Community College and believes that, above all else, it’s important to love and support the people in his life. Jon and his wife, Ashley, have two children: Brayton and Kaylee. They are his world. He plays rhythm guitar and kick drum in JTG and is the group’s most impassioned songwriter and tech nerd. Jon brings the vision to JTG.

If you do it, make it good.
— J.A.